7 Stunning Typewriters for Your Office Decor

Retro, vintage, and antique are words that we now use to describe what we once referred to as “outdated”. We replaced the record player with a boom box, and then a CD player, and then an MP3 player, but now just about every music store you walk into has record players for sale again.

The same holds true for writing devices. Nothing says trendy like penning your notes (or your next big novel) on a typewriter in 2020.

Aside from the beautiful clickity-clack sound of the keyboard, typewriters are also very aesthetically pleasing. Few things compare to the gorgeousness of a vintage typewriter decorating your desk or side table.

Check out this collection of the most drool-worthy typewriters I found on the internet!

The Old Sport

Image credit: ispydesign

Couldn’t you just see F. Scott Fitzgerald writing the first draft of The Great Gatsby on this typewriter? It’s so urban chic with its simple black base and gold keys. I would LOVE to have this baby in The Book Lair’s office.

The Whimsy Daydream

Image credit: Tumblr

How cute is this little lady? The mint green color is very “in” right now and would look adorable sitting atop your freshly upcycled white piece of furniture. Shabby chic never looked so good with this gem stealing the stage.

The Blue Baby

Image credit: Blogloving

The Brother brand is arguably the most popular brand of typewriters, and visually, we can see why. This beauty is compact in size but not in style.

The Tangerine Sherbet

Image credit: Frostedpetticoat

Add your own personal flair to a typewriter by painting it any shade of awesome you’d like. We’re coocoo for cocoa puffs over this orange sherbet color. I would give my left foot for this gorgeous thing.

The Fine as Wine

Image credit: Tumblr

Sometimes a typewriter is simply beautiful all on its own – no fancy paint or paper needed. The tattered books in the background are also a great touch to this picturesque antique scene.

 The Cadence

Image credit: Tumblr

Who cares if it works, as long as it looks pretty, right? If it’s the vintage aesthetic you’re in love with and not actually the act of sitting down and using the thing, than try adding some décor to jazz it up. A touch of flowers help to give this typewriter some feminine love.

The Trendy Tiger

Image credit: Etsy

Humans are so creative! As if spray painting your typewriter wasn’t already cool enough, this crafty crafter upped the ante to a whole new ball game. If you’re lucky enough to have been struck by the artistic gene, try painting a pattern onto your typewriter. If the artistic gene has skipped you, Etsy has a nice selection of hand painted typewriters for sale.

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