Custom Photo Shoot

Want to REALLY make your book stand out online? The Book Lair offers custom photo shoots for authors. Your exclusive shoot will never be duplicated for another book and you’ll forever own the photos created by The Book Lair.

How It Works

Choose a package below and fill out the form. The Book Lair will email you to schedule the photo shoot and discuss any important details.

NOTE: Due to the high volume of requests we receive, please allow 1-3 business days for The Book Lair to respond to your request.

What You Get

  • x10 Custom Images with Your Book That You Can Use for Promo.

NOTE: this will be a mixture of paperback and eBook on a tablet, or all paperback/all eBook, depending on the package you choose below.

  • x5 Blanks (without a cover) So You Can Reuse the Images to Promote Other Books in the Series.

NOTE: these will be from the same photo shoot, but at different angles and/or lighting so the style will be the same and consistent.

  • Promotion of your book on The Book Lair’s blog, Instagram, and Facebook page in the form of a single post and one image. This can include a link to buy the book, a tag to follow you, and/or details for a giveaway.

Custom Photo Shoot Packages

NOTE: If booking a custom paperback photo shoot, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks before you need the images to allow time for The Book Lair to order a physical copy. Once we receive the physical book, we’ll contact you to confirm the date of your photo shoot.

eBook Only Photo Shoot
  • USD
  • *Custom photo shoot
  • *x10 images with your eBook cover only
  • *x5 blanks
  • *x1 promo post on The Book Lair’s Instagram, Facebook, & blog
Paperback Photo Shoot
  • USD
  • *Custom photo shoot
  • *x10 images, a mixture of paperback and eBook
  • *x5 blanks
  • *x1 promo post on The Book Lair’s Instagram, Facebook, & blog
  • *The Book Lair handles ordering the paperback
  • *Option to have all x10 images paperback only for no extra cost

BONUS: The Book Lair also does custom photo shoots for whole series! Email to request a quote based on the number of books.

I never knew I needed a custom photo shoot of my book, but now I’m doing it for every series! What a great way to stand out online!

-Award Winning AUthor Kim Novak

Disclaimer: All custom photo shoots are done exclusively by The Book Lair for authors and publishers. Props and effects are chosen based on the cover design and genre. The Book Lair reserves the right to choose all the elements used in the photo shoots and no retakes will be issued.

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